How did I end up in Hawaii, and what am I doing here?

“How did I end up in Hawaii?” is a question I have asked myself several times since being here.

“How did I end up going to missionary school?” is another question I have asked myself several times as well.

   Last fall, my plan was to transfer into a university program to get a business degree with an emphasis in fashion merchandising at a university in Oregon. Since freshman year of going to a junior college (2014), I had been satisfied and enthusiastic about the plan. However, in the fall of last year I began to have significant amounts of anxiety about my future. I would worry all the time about it, just ask my mom!

   And then during October I felt my plans changing. I just wasn’t satisfied anymore. I don’t remember the exact time when I first thought about going to a YWAM program (Youth With a Mission), but all I know is that once I considered it and decided that was what I was supposed to be doing, I felt peace as opposed to high levels as anxiety. And that was when I knew I was doing what God wanted me to do.

I wanted to do this because I wanted to grow in my relationship with God. It was really important to me to be grounded and rooted in God before going off to a university, and before starting the rest of my life.

   What I’m doing here at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii is called a Discipleship Training School. It is a 5 and a half month program that consists of two parts: lecture phase and then outreach phase. In lecture phase (the part I’m in right now), we are receiving teaching on various subjects and learning to foster intimacy with God.

   The second part of the DTS is the outreach phase, which I will write more about later. That is two and a half months in a different nation doing missions work.

   Growing in intimacy and falling deeper in love with Jesus are the main goals here. That is what everyone is here for! That’s what I’m here for!

“How could you be doing anything else?” is the answer I always hear in return to those two questions at the top, and its true. While I could be doing other things during this season, nothing else would satisfy my soul during this season.


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