The day we found out our outreach locations was pretty great (October 7). It started out with a very interesting morning lecture. The whole first week had been wild. This school is unusual, from what staff has told us. There were mass anonymous donations before the lecture even started, someone donated over $30,000 to 11 specific students(2500 each) and even more to different ministries within the school. Seeing such radical generosity was incredible. It inspired even more generosity within the students, and many of us donated large sums of money to the people who were still behind with the fees. Andy went up to speak and said, “I don’t even know what to do now”, but we did. We just burst into praise and worship. We got up onto chairs and held our shoes in the air and chanted, “we will go, we will go, we will go!” We are all so passionate about the nations, and want to be in them right now!


(photo by Andy Byrd)

The way they announced the locations was pretty funny. They said to meet at the soccer field at 1, and I thought we were going to have to do extra work duty or something. It actually ended up being somewhat like a silly middle school summer camp event. When we got there, they sorted us into 3 different groups. Then they handed out eggs and said to crack it on our heads to see if it was hardboiled or not. I found out later that was just a silly initiation thing that had no real reason. It was hilarious seeing everyone with egg in their hair. I just cracked it on my forehead so I could wipe it off but others did it on the top of their head. We did a few silly things: doing a human knot game, running halfway across the field and then spinning 10 times and getting to the end and then having out faces painted with different colors, running racing to get different colored head bands,  finding a jelly bean in a plate of whip cream (a new paper plate with each person!), until finally we were in groups of our outreach family who all had the same colored headband and the same face paint on. I have no idea how they coordinated all of that because to me it seemed like complete chaos!

We ran back down to our giant tent, where they announced that these were our teams, and this video better describes what happened than mere words! To sum it up, the excitement in the air was tangible, and we were all so happy and filled with the Holy Spirit that the only response we had was to have a wild dance party.


(for some reason I can’t embed the video properly, so hopefully you’re able to follow the link!)

My team is fantastic. We are going to a country in South Asia. If you want to know more about it, feel free to ask me more about it. We aren’t allowed to say the specific country because for the safety of the long-term missionaries there.

Screen shot 2016-11-09 at 4.16.33 PM.png


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