Weekend 2 Adventures (Oct. 15)

The second week’s adventures have been my favorite so far. Four other girls and I went on a road trip. We hit the road at 7:30 after picking up the car. It was amazing, I was so happy to drive again. We started on our way to South Point, playing music and singing and just having a good time. The drive was spectacular. We didn’t realize how crazy high the altitude was until we were already at a super high level and nearly the whole sky looked like it was ocean. On our drive, we went through different ecosystems: jungle, desert, forest, and old lava flows. The land sometimes changed in merely a few seconds.

We got to South Point, and we were all ecstatic. We opened doors to lots of wind and at first I didn’t like it, but when we walked down to the actual south point, the southernmost tip of the United States, I was very grateful, because the strong winds made these massive waves about a mile off the shore that were rolling and I could not tear my eyes off of them.

Sea Spray at South Point

I wandered around and looked at the different tidal pools. There was one spot that was similar to a blowhole, and I was transfixed by this area because when the sea spray would come up and then dissipate, there would be rainbows. I stayed looking at it for a very long time.

The bold beauties who took on south point

I didn’t want to cliff dive because it’s 40 feet, but I did want to get in the water. So I climbed down this really thin ladder that was swaying all over the place to get in. The water was clear and turquoise. You could see to the bottom, which was about 25 feet down. Apparently leopard sharks are there quite frequently, but I’m a daredevil. Just kidding, I didn’t know about the leopard sharks at that time.

Rebekka the Norwegian

After South Point, we went to a cute little café where we stopped to get pastries and lattes. There was an orchid plantation in a greenhouse that was as big as a warehouse. They had cute succulents and we took too many pictures.

Nesting turtles at the Black Sands Beach

We then went down to Panalu’u beach, which is a black sands beach. It was stunning. You know the hype around black sand beaches? It’s not just hype. It’s reality and totally worth it. They had 5 nesting turtles and I got be ry close to them, they were so peaceful and made my heart so happy.

The hunt is on for the best coconut
My first coconut!

We hung out here for a while and we found coconuts in the palm trees! I had been saving myself for the first coconut I’d ever taste. And this was the perfect moment. A black sands beach in Hawaii surrounded by turtles and great friends? Yeah that’s the perfect time! A lifeguard offered to slice it open with a machete and all I can say is that the coconut tasted better than I thought it would.

After this, we drove on back to campus to get some warmer clothes because we were going to watch the sunset and look at stars on Mauna Kea, which is the largest mountain from the sea floor up in the whole world. The drive back was great because we were listening to worship music and just soaking in the presence of God with eachother. There’s nothing like that feeling.

After stopping at campus, we started on the two hour drive that took us to the mountain. It was a boring drive to look at most of the way, but we didn’t care. We were passing around the aux cable and playing 2 songs each that mattered to us and explaining the significance of the songs in our lives. You can learn a lot about people from what their favorite songs are. When we got closer to our destination, the moon looked so close to us and seemed as if we could reach out and touch it.

We drove to the top of the mountain, and it was a stunning and also terrifying thing. The car felt as though we were going up a huge slant (it really wasn’t that big of a grade) and the drop off the side of the cliff was ominous. At the same time, it was beautiful because we were above the cloud layer. The ground looked like puffy clouds. The coolest thing was that we could see a bright orange glow in a circle shape, which was the active volcano’s light! That left me speechless.

What the sky actually looks like

The above is not my picture, but it is what the stars look like from the top of Mauna Kea, to give you all a perspective of the magnificence of what we saw with our own eyes.

Mauna Kea Adventures

This was the group of girls we had this adventure with. Truly beautiful girls, and I would not have traded the experience for anything


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