Worship at the Monkey Temple 

One of my favorite things that have happened here has been when we went to the “Monkey Temple”. We hopped on a bus (which is an adventure all by itself, I’m going to film it some time soon) and we drove 30 minutes from our guesthouse to get there. We weren’t sure what we were going to do, but the Nepali translators who live with us at the guesthouse had brought a ukulele and told us we were going to worship at the top of the temple! As we started walking up the stairs we saw more and more monkeys as we neared the top of the temple. It is a beautiful place. Continue reading “Worship at the Monkey Temple “

Lecture phase themes

My friends and I were in a taxi to pick up some things we needed for outreach, and the driver did something that we weren’t expecting. He asked what themes were defining this season of our lives. I wasn’t expecting this question, and quite truthfully hadn’t thought about it yet. I’ve been examining this part of my life over the past few days. I’ve identified a few themes that have been prevalent in my journey so far here during lecture phase. Continue reading “Lecture phase themes”