Worship at the Monkey Temple 

One of my favorite things that have happened here has been when we went to the “Monkey Temple”. It was the third or so week. We walked to catch a bus to the Monkey Temple. This bus ride was more like a roller coaster ride, but one that had no safety standards. Picture this: veering not into just other “lanes” (a lane is a loose term here), but entirely onto the side of oncoming traffic. It is absolute mayhem, exhilarating, and terrifying all at the same time. At one point there was only a gap of about a foot from a head on collision with another brightly painted bus.

We finally arrived and walked to the top of the temple. We went past booths of people selling colorful prayer beads and trinkets. The plan was to worship and see how God wanted to move. We explored a little bit, looking at the prayer flags fluttering in the wind, watching the monkeys clamber all around (it is called the monkey temple for good reason), and then settled at the place we chose to worship.


At first, I wasn’t sure why we were doing this. I didn’t believe it could be effective or do anything. We are just singing, what good can that do? However, as people walked by us to other parts of the temples, they would become curious and gather by to see what was happening. As we were simply singing I wondered at the thought that Jesus could use singing and a ukulele to bring people to him. Periodically some of us would break off and talk to the people who had come to listen. By the end of the day there had been three salvations, and many people heard about the story of Jesus and Jesus’ love for them for the first time.


We started worshipping. Being in God’s presence and giving praising His name in a place where His name is not lifted high was such an honor. As we kept worshipping, a crowd of people gathered near us. Some of them seemed merely curious, and other were standing at a distance but watched as if they wanted to come closer but were hesitant, and others came up and started talking about what we were doing and why we were here.


We took turns speaking to people we felt led to. At the end of our time there, God had moved in the hearts of three people so powerful that they accepted Jesus as their one true Savior. Knowing that these people came to this temple to worship idols and false gods, yet walked away having a revelation of how Jesus died for them and was the only god who has the power to save was very impactful to me.

     It was incredible to see how God can move anywhere and at any time. Not only in churches, and not only in places where He is exalted but also in the places where people are not seeking Him at all.
God works in and with the simple things. All we have to do is sing.

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