His Power is Our Privilege

For the first two weeks, we were here before we had a set schedule we did a lot of street work. It’s been Spirit led, because we literally had no schedule. We would go out and pray, hear a word for someone or God would show us a specific place to go to or a specific person to talk with. We’ve seen salvations, and we’ve also seen healings. It has been incredible to see God moving actively in power through healing. It was something I’d never seen before, I’d only heard stories of it and because I’d never seen it myself, I strongly desired to see healings.      

I was praying into seeing signs and wonders and miracles before my team was anywhere close to leaving for South Asia. I was nervous because I didn’t think anyone would be healed because I prayed for them. Looking back, I laugh at the way I was thinking.

Some of the girls and I were walking back from dinner one evening when Sofie saw a man and felt compelled to talk to him and ask if he had back pain. It turns out he did and after he said that he’d like prayer we prayed for him. When we were finished praying we asked: “Does it feel any better?” He just turned around and incredulously asked, “how did you do that?”.

There are more of these stories that we’ve seen, but the most important thing to me hasn’t been the healings. The most important thing has been not just knowing in my mind that it is through God’s power and his alone that any of his glory falls, but also believing it in my heart without a doubt. It is so truly nothing that we could ever be able to do by ourselves.

More and more, I have been realizing just how little any of us have to do with God choosing to move. He can move anytime, anyway, and in any place. At the same time, I am humbled by the privilege we have that the God of the universe desires to partner with us in having his Kingdom come here on earth.





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