The Slums: A Place of Healing, Joy, and Open Hearts

The main ministry we’ve been doing here has been in the slums. We’ve loved on the kids, helping them with their homework and playing lots of games with them. We’ve also made relationships with people, been invited into homes to hold adorable babies and to visit with precious grandmas (ammas). We’ve seen healings and we’ve seen the Holy Spirit move. It’s been incredible. Individually and as a team, the gifts we each have and what we carry together were meant to be poured out in the slums. Read more to hear some of the ways God has been moving here in this place. 

  • One of the ammas a few of us met with a week ago had been prayed for by a few people two weeks ago because of her hand and back pain. She felt no healing for her hands and back, but she did feel the happiness and light of the Holy Spirit. They didn’t think much of it and were a little bit discouraged because she hadn’t experienced healing. This week, she told us that over the week her hand and back pain was completely gone! She had extremely crippling arthritis, but now can move her hands and her back with no pain! She was a true joy to be around because she embodied happiness. Before we parted ways, she said that whenever she feels any pain in her heart, “I just call on Jesus’ name and I know he’s with me.”
  • The same day, we were walking and another amma walked up to us. Our translator had stopped at a house to talk with someone she knew and wasn’t with us at the time. We did our best to communicate through body language and also in her language as much as we knew how to. We understood that she wanted us to pray for her and that she was in a lot of pain by the hunched over way walked up to us. She motioned us to come with her and so we walked until she found the spot where she wanted us to pray for her. We prayed for a while and even though she couldn’t understand what we were saying, it didn’t matter. God is good and He heals no matter the circumstances. It was quite funny, because when she had received the full healing she just walked away, with perfect posture
  • While we were praying for the second amma, a Christian woman who lived there came up and started to pray with us. After the amma walked away we talked with her and prayed for her. We spoke lots of encouraging words over her and were speaking her identity over her. She invited us over to her house to have “chiya”, which is the tea everyone serves you over here. We went to have tea with her and reveled in the beautiful fellowship. There was a lot of love even if we didn’t speak each other’s language! The light of the Lord really shone through her beautiful face and her smile.
  • Before we went to have tea with the Christian woman we met, we walked to the house of an amma we met a while ago because we love her and try to see her every day. This amma feels very abandoned and lonely, so we pray for her and visit her whenever we can. The first time we met her, she absolutely melted into tears in our arms because she hadn’t seen anyone love her in a very long time. We sat with her for a while speaking life into her, asking for the pain in her heart to leave and be replaced with knowledge of the love that Jesus has for her. She was cheerful by the time we left, but she didn’t want us to leave. “Don’t leave, please don’t leave. Sit down, sit down” is what she said, but I believe it was less about being with us specifically. What I believe she desired what the love of Jesus to come and sit down with her for longer. After, she asked our team leader to clean her house, but we’re pretty sure something was lost in translation.
  • We met a man who fell off a 7 story building almost a year ago. He underwent operations but hasn’t been able to go back to work because of the terrible pain that is still in his leg coupled with a still fractured shoulder. We prayed for him, and after he put his crutched aside and walked for the first time since he before his injury! He said that because of the healing that took place in his body he believes in Jesus, “this is the one true God.” He walked away so refreshed knowing that Jesus loves him and wanted to heal him, and actually did!

The simplicity of showing love is exactly what we are called to do, and that’s all we have been doing here. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. We showed love, and God showed up.


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