Imagine Eden

Sometimes I imagine Eden. I imagine what it looked, smelled, and tasted like. Whenever I think of this I remember the original design God had for us. I remember that we were created to wander around beautiful places filled with beautiful nature.

There is a feeling in my heart I have when I am not surrounded by enough of God’s beautiful creation. It feels burdened down when that need God placed in me for reveling in his nature isn’t met, which is why my heart feels so refreshed living in the place my team is currently at. Here are some reasons why:

This city is nestled inside of a valley.

There is a massive lake that is green in the daylight and a deeper turquoise at sunset. The lake has brightly painted canoes which dot the water with color when they are out in the water.

The trees are sometimes tropical and sometimes evergreen.

There is this type of flower which I am fairly confident is a form of honeysuckle. It is bright orange, cheery, and always trailing around trellises, and wrapping itself around other trees.

There are hidden gems of waterfalls and secret swimming lagoons a mere 20-minute bus ride away.

Those are some of the numerous reasons I adore this place.


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