The Villages, Part Two: Healing

    After our time in the first village, it was time to leave for the second. We chose a path that took 8 hours. It was one of the most physically taxing experiences I have ever had. We stopped when we reached out to the top to take a break, have a snowball fight, take lots of pictures with a 360 degree view of Himalayas all around us.     

This was our view the entire time we were in the Himalayas
Our break when we finally got to the top of the mountain!
The scenic river we walked along and drank from as we went from village to village.

     It was about an hour before dusk and we arrived at the second village. No house would take us in, so we had to zig-zag across this mountain to the tippy top to see if the last house in the village would take us in. If not, we were going to be out of luck.

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The Villages, Part One: Chaos

     The first village we distributed Bibles in was the farthest from the guesthouse. We passed the villages we would later be living in on our way back to the guesthouse. We walked with a river on one side and rice terraces on the other. The houses had colorful roofs, and kids would run out to take a look at us, the strange looking foreigners. There were herds of cattle, goats, and even a few horses.

     Before we stepped foot inside the village we began collecting a group of kids who followed us everywhere we went. We spent a while trying to find a family who was able to host us for a few nights, and all the while these kids were right beside us. The timid ones watched us from a distance, the less shy ones giggled when we smiled at them, and the brave ones held our hands and spoke in circles of broken English. They laughed at our feeble attempts to speak their native tongue, and we laughed at ourselves as well.

these two cuties belonged to the people who opened their home up to us.

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Imagine Eden

Sometimes I imagine Eden. I imagine what it looked, smelled, and tasted like. Whenever I think of this I remember the original design God had for us. I remember that we were created to wander around beautiful places filled with beautiful nature.

There is a feeling in my heart I have when I am not surrounded by enough of God’s beautiful creation. It feels burdened down when that need God placed in me for reveling in his nature isn’t met, which is why my heart feels so refreshed living in the place my team is currently at. Here are some reasons why:

This city is nestled inside of a valley.

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Weekend 1 Adventures

The weekend after the first week of classes was jam packed full and so much fun. On October 8, the Iron Man Triathalon starts and ends in Kailua-Kona, a 20 minute walk from the base here. Every year, Iron Man counts on having many people from U of N (University of the Nations) volunteer. At least 200, maybe even more people volunteer. I was on the morning shift, and it started at 5:30.

At first, I thought to myself “Oh man, I wish I didn’t have this shift” but after thinking about it for a while, I was actually very happy with the shift I had. I had the job of security, and was placed at the edge of the pier. The event didn’t start for an hour so I had an hour to do nothing but sit there, which was fantastic because there were schools of pink and blue jumping fish dancing on the water, and these silly needle looking fish that made me laugh. I was able to watch the sunset, which is something I hadn’t done here yet. Iron Man Sunrise.jpg

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The day we found out our outreach locations was pretty great (October 7). It started out with a very interesting morning lecture. The whole first week had been wild. This school is unusual, from what staff has told us. There were mass anonymous donations before the lecture even started, someone donated over $30,000 to 11 specific students(2500 each) and even more to different ministries within the school. Seeing such radical generosity was incredible. It inspired even more generosity within the students, and many of us donated large sums of money to the people who were still behind with the fees. Andy went up to speak and said, “I don’t even know what to do now”, but we did. We just burst into praise and worship. We got up onto chairs and held our shoes in the air and chanted, “we will go, we will go, we will go!” We are all so passionate about the nations, and want to be in them right now!


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