Ritualism and the Temple of Death

We went to a place known here as the temple of death. It was a very spiritually heavy atmosphere. I am a feeler, and even before the minute I stepped foot inside the bounds of the temple I could feel the darkness in the form of immense tension in my chest. We could smell the smoke from bodies being burned long before we saw the bodies themselves. This temple is a place where hindus believe if they are cremated with all the rituals observed scrupulously, they will enter their next life in a higher position.

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Worship at the Monkey Temple 

One of my favorite things that have happened here has been when we went to the “Monkey Temple”. We hopped on a bus (which is an adventure all by itself, I’m going to film it some time soon) and we drove 30 minutes from our guesthouse to get there. We weren’t sure what we were going to do, but the Nepali translators who live with us at the guesthouse had brought a ukulele and told us we were going to worship at the top of the temple! As we started walking up the stairs we saw more and more monkeys as we neared the top of the temple. It is a beautiful place. Continue reading “Worship at the Monkey Temple “