What am I doing?

If you’re on this page, you’re probably curious as to what I’m doing right now. There are many ways I could describe my life, but none truly suffice except for this:

I’m following where God leads me. 

Last fall, that meant going to Kona and doing a discipleship training school (DTS) with YWAM. There I learned so much about my identity in Christ and started the journey of listening to God’s plan instead of my own. I learned how important it is to life in a lifestyle of continual thanksgiving, and the importance of living in intimacy with Jesus.

Right now I am in the second part of finishing the DTS and I live in a South Asian country. Feel free to ask more specific information, however for the safety of long term missionaries in this place we are not saying which country we are in. Here I am learning about the faithfulness of God, understanding the beauty of redemption and the heavy-handedness with which God poured grace over my life; all while seeing Him move in power through salvations and healings in the beautiful people here.

“What about the future?”

Quite frankly, I don’t know what the future will hold for me. All I know is that God’s plans for my life are far greater than anything I could ever have dreamt up on my own. I do have dreams and passions that I believe were placed in my heart for a reason, but something I am learning is to wait on the Lord because His timing is perfect.

However, God has spoken to me about the next season of my life. This summer I am called back to Kona to take part in long term missionary training, because God has told me I am to go to the nations. After the school ends, in the fall I will be taking a school of biblical studies (SBS) because it is something He has called me to: a deeper understanding of who He is. My team leader said something that hit me straight in the heart, “If we have nothing to offer people except for our personal relationship with Jesus, then what do we truly have to offer them?” I want to be able to give people the truth of who Jesus is, instead of only being able to tell them about the ways in which He has encountered me.

After that, my dream is to return to the country in South Asia which I am currently in. There are many things I am dreaming to do here with this beautiful people group, and a community of people who I would love to run after God with. In the end, it is more about where God wants to send me than where I want to go.

Thanks for reading about my future and about my dreams. Head to the contact page to ask me anything. If you followed this page from my facebook, feel free to message me on there!